Message from the winemaker

Situated in the heard of the Lavaux region, part of UNESCO world heritage, it overlooks a magnificent landscape.

Its terrace and Patio offer a stunning view on the Lade, mountains and the steep Lavaux vineyard. In winter, you would appreciate the fireplace of the Carnotzet

The Domaine Croix Duplex cultivates no less than 14 varieties of grapes from different regions such as Villette, Epesses, Calamin, St-Saphorin, Bonvillars, Ollon and Yvorne. 31 wines to taste in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The generations

The founder

The adventure of the Domaine Croix Duplex begins in 1929 when Samuel Vogel falls in love with the Lavaux region. This astoundingly beautiful region makes him leave his native Swiss German to settle on the heights of the village of Grandvaux, in order to realize his dream of becoming a winemaker. He built his house, then his cellar, so he can make the wines he has dreamed about. He endeavors to produce his wines on the base of his extensive reading of books about viticulture and oenology. This is how an hydrolic engineer becomes a self-taught winemaker.

The builders

At the head of the Domaine since 1973, Jean and his wife Marlyse, work hard to develop the family business. In 1975, the young couple bought their first plot of land in Epesses. This will mark the beginning of the next step in the development of the Domaine Croix Duplex.

The innovators

After a rich and passionate working life, Jean and Marylse pass down the key of the Domaine to their two children. Simon, the oldest, who graduates in viticulture and oenology and his sister Maude also graduated from Marcelin in viticulture.

Maude & Simon

Brother and sister work together to keep Domaine Croix Duplex alive and perpetuate the traditions and values instilled by their grandfather, founder of the family business. Simon is dedicated to a passion for oenology and this can be felt through the quality of Domaine Croix’s wines Duplex. Maude, for her part, is delighted to show you the fruit of their production during your visit the Domaine Croix Duplex.